Science of Everyday Life

26 Nov

All teachers have heard students ask, “Why do we have to learn this?”  or “How are we ever going to use this?” or “What does this have to do with anything?”

3M (known for Post-Its) and Discovery Education have partnered to create the website Science of Everyday Life.  On this website, one will find resources for students and teachers in regards to…well, science in everyday life (good name for the site, then, huh?).  The following quote sums it up:

Aligned to national standards, these exciting inquiry-based lessons address key areas of life science, physical science, earth science, and technology/innovation using common materials you can find in your classroom. Help students make real world connections to science and ignite the spark that may eventually lead students to a scientific career!

Here is an example of a lesson from the site–

“Cushion It”: Collisions are a part of everyday life. Some are wanted (baseball and bat), some are unwanted (car crash), while others are unavoidable (stubbing one’s toe). There is a great deal of basic science involved with collisions and in this lesson.

Cool stuff for making science relevant.  Go check it out.


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