The best way to recruit amazing teachers is to…bash teachers?

4 Nov

That seems to be the theme these days with the recently released movie “Waiting for Superman” and the manifesto published by several top educators entitled “How to Fix Our Schools“.

Fortunately, someone else out there realizes the folly of drawing attention to education by bashing it.  Over at The Huffington Post, Heather Wolpart-Gawron blogs about promoting teaching rather than bashing it.  This editorial really hit home for me personally.  Like the author, I did not get into teaching because I felt like it was my calling or because I had some inherent desire to inspire, save, motivate, etc., young minds.  In spite of this, I fell in love with it after realizing I’m pretty darn good at it. 

It’s a good, quick read.  I highly recommend it to all the other educators out there.  Go check it out now.


One Response to “The best way to recruit amazing teachers is to…bash teachers?”

  1. John-Paul November 5, 2010 at 1:54 PM #

    Thanks for this collection of links. Quite thought-provoking when taken together. Looking forward to seeing the movie when it gets down here.

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